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Poolside Wines

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

What do you want to drink by the pool? Something cold and refreshing, but still delicious!

By Morgan Perry

OK, so let's not overthink pool wines. My tips? Cold, refreshing and tasty. Here are a few examples and pro tips:

Still or sparkling rosé. I scooped up the last bottle of Lubanzi Sparkling Rosé at HEB AND it was on sale - it was meant to be. Their wines also come in cans, to be even more pool-friendly. Lubanzi was one of our early Zoom class partner wineries and they have an awesome mission to give back to those who made the wine and the planet. Drink wine, do good!

Speaking of canned rosé with a mission, don't forget the Austin-founded Tidal Wines. A portion of their profits support the largest ocean clean-up in history and they help create access to clean drinking water for communities around the world. Be careful, the cans hold more wine than you think...this is not a pale, boring rosé either, this one has some color and flavor, so have this with a pool-side snack!

Crisp white wines. And don't be afraid of some skin-contact. I enjoyed Remy Wines Three Wives skin-contact Pinot Gris by the pool and it was perfect. Pinot Grigio (the Italian name for the grape) from Alto Adige are always my go-to and there are many high-quality flavorful versions available at most local shops.

In addition to Pinot Grigio, check out Pinot Bianco (or Pinot Blanc) - both mutations of Pinot Noir, Pinot Bianco/Blanc is the white version of the grape and often slightly rounder on the palate than Pinot Grigio. Definitely a great summer, pool-side sipper. Check out a version from Alto Adige as well, like this one from Erste+Neue.

For our NYC readers, if you are looking to keep it local, I also cracked open a Palmer Vineyards Pinot Blanc that hit the spot on a 100+ degree day.

Lubanzi also makes a canned Chenin Blanc that would be fab pool-side.

Fruity white wines and low alcohol wines. The Edaphos Malvasia Bianca got consumed too quickly to take a photo of, but trust me: try this at the pool. This is a natural wine that is low in alcohol (11.5%) from Ernest Vineyards. And yes, you can get a 15% discount on this wine, on the Edaphos range of natural wines, and their other delicious old-world style Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs using the code VINOVINYASA15 on their website. No, I don't make a commission, I just love Ernest and their wines, and have been lucky enough to have worked with them on Zoom and in-person events for several years now.

To keep it local to Austin, check out female winemaker and friend Adrienne Ash's Malvasia, available at The Austin Winery. 12% ABV and enough skin contact to give it a lovely orange color.

Finally, there are TONS of non-wine options you can find in cans but my issue with most of them is SUGAR and other fake ingredients used to flavor them. This probably needs a separate post, but I am no expert! However, I recently got a chance to try MASQ Hard Tea and I really liked the Lemon Ginger flavor - they are made with all-natural, organic ingredients and are low-cal. Check them out if you want something different.

Pro Tip: No glass at the pool is a rule at most pools (my condo's pool included), so what is the best vessel to use? Though insulated wine glasses help to keep your wine cool, they definitely do not help with the taste/smell of the wine. They mute it, but it's a trade off to keep things cool (I still use them sometimes, just good to know!). I think using a GoVino or stemmed plastic wine glass is better if you can keep your wine bottle chilled with an insulated chiller (I LOVE mine from Skybar, only $30 on Amazon!) or just put the bottle on ice in your cooler.

Happy summer sipping!


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