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Do we drink wine during yoga?

No, we learn about the wine first then taste after savasana (the end of yoga class where you lay on your mat and let your mind absorb all of your new knowledge, and allow your body to absorb the benefits of the physical practice). All wine tasting is optional. 

Do I need to know anything about wine to attend a wine & yoga class

Absolutely not! As long as you enjoy wine and want to learn, Vino Vinyasa Yoga is the class for you. We’ll educate you on the type of wine we’ll be tasting at the end of class, and will lead you through a wine tasting. No previous wine tasting experience required!

Do I need to know how to do yoga?

Our flows are beginner-friendly, so newbies are welcome! We recommend setting up towards the back of the space to be able to better follow along with what the other students are doing!

I don’t have a yoga mat. Can I rent one?

Yes! We have a limited number of yoga mats to rent. To do so, email before the day of class go reserve a mat rental for $2. We accept cash and Venmo.

Can I buy one of your Vino + Vinyasa tank tops?

Yes! Please email to purchase. The tanks are $25 if purchased in class and $30 to be shipped anywhere in the continental US.

I am a yoga teacher! Are you hiring?

Vino Vinyasa Yoga is always looking for new partners in new markets, however, all of our yoga teachers are also wine certified, or have worked in the wine industry for a long time. If this is you and you feel comfortable with leading a wine tasting and answering students’ questions about wine, please reach out!

Does Vino Vinyasa Yoga have a yoga studio

No, we offer our classes at unique spaces such as wineries, hotels, event spaces, and wine bars. Check out our current class schedule or sign up for our newsletter for updates on upcoming events in your market!

Do you host private events?
Absolutely! See our private events page for more information.

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