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Pairing BOXT Wines with Yoga Poses

We always have a lot of fun pairing wines and yoga poses, so when the BOXT team asked us to pair each of their six wines with a yoga pose, Rebekah (one of our amazing Austin-based teachers) and I hopped on a call to figure out the perfect pose for each wine.

We held a tasting of their wines (which come in sustainable packaging) for our team about a month ago, so we'd both recently tasted each wine - they range from light and dry to dark and fruity, with a bit of sweetness to two of them. Here's what we came up with - and the lovely Rebekah demonstrating for you:

ONE - Mountain pose with backbend - This pose starts off a sun salutation, and this version lifts your chest extra high. Perfectly paired with a bright, citrusy, uplifting white wine.

TWO - Warrior 2 - This strong pose is part of sun salutation "B," inspired by the sun-ripened fruit we taste in this wine. Fuller bodied and slightly buttery, this pose works with this richer white wine.

THREE - Lotus - Inspired by the floral nose of the wine, lotus pose is the ultimate hip opener. Lotus flowers are rooted in the mud and rise and bloom above water, similar to this pose. The wine uplifts our palates and spirits with its fruity, sweet taste.

FOUR - Dancers pose - Also grounding from the earth and lifting up into a balance, dancer's pose is the ultimate elegant, yet dynamic yoga pose. Pairs well with this soft, earthy, fruity and light-bodied red.

FIVE - Goddess pose - A full-bodied pose for a full-bodied red wine. A pose full of strength and power, like this big, savory wine with dark fruit and spice.

SIX - Half Pigeon - A luxurious stretching position, you'll want to sink into this one. This wine, like the pose, is juicy, sweet and indulgent.

We'll be featuring these wines (and poses!) at our upcoming class at Wanderlust Wine Co. in Austin on May 8. A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Alzheimer's Association. Hope you can join us if you're in Austin. Here is the link to the event!


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