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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Enthusiasts and Wellness Seekers

by Morgan Perry

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than by giving thoughtful gifts to your loved ones? Whether they're wine lovers, wellness enthusiasts, or outdoorsy winos, our curated gift guide has something for everyone. Here are my top picks for this festive season:

1. Repour Wine Saver: The best stocking-stuffer for wine lovers.

Preserve the flavor of every sip with the Repour Wine Saver. This innovative wine preservation system keeps your favorite wines fresh, eliminating the need for pumps or gases. Ideal for wine lovers who want to open a few bottles at once, or open a bottle and finish it days or weeks later. Shop here.

2. Highcamp Flasks - Parkside Flask:

Elevate outdoor adventures with the Highcamp Parkside Flask. This stylish and functional flask keeps your favorite wine at the perfect temperature while you enjoy the great outdoors. Crafted with quality materials, it's a must-have for those who like to hike, camp or take wine with them to the beach, on a boat, or any kind of adventure! Get 15% off with code VINOVINYASAYOGA. To buy, click here.

3. Maison Palo Santo Products:

This company was founded by Vino Vinyasa teacher, Mimi! These handcrafted, sustainably sourced Palo Santo sticks are perfect for cleansing your space before, during and after holiday gatherings. Gift a candle or bundle to someone who appreciates the calming and aromatic qualities of this sacred wood. You can even customize the sticks! Shop here!

4. Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Sous Bois or Holiday Gift Set:

Elevate the celebration with Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Sous Bois. This exquisite champagne offers a rich and complex flavor profile due to vinification in oak barrels. The perfect Champagne for cooler weather! Or, go BIG with an exclusive gift set featuring the Brut Réserve and Nicolas François 2008, which are the house's traditional blend cuvées. (2008 was an AMAZING vintage!) The Gift Set can be purchased online at Premier Champagne or Acker Wines.

5. Karmadillo Cork Yoga Mats:

Give the gift of mindfulness with Karmadillo cork yoga mats. These eco-friendly and non-toxic mats provide excellent grip and support for yoga practice. Ideal for yogis and wellness enthusiasts who value sustainability and style. Plus, Leslie, the female founder, is from Austin! Shop here.

6. Texas Hill Country Wineries Christmas Wine Affair Passport Event:

If you are in Texas, surprise your loved ones with tickets to the Texas Hill Country Wineries Christmas Wine Affair Passport Event. Your signature passport ticket benefits include a complimentary wine tasting and a 15% discount on 3+ bottle purchases at each of the 45+ participating wineries. Savor all that Texas Wine Country has to offer this holiday season from November 27 – December 22, 2023.

7. Vino Vinyasa Gift Cards and Tees/Tank Tops:

For the ultimate wine and yoga fusion, gift Vino Vinyasa experiences. Buy an individual, personalized digital gift card for $30 or two for $55, good for upcoming public events in Austin, Houston or Nashville. (You can also gift someone $50-100 to go towards a private event!) Complete the package with a stylish tee shirt or tank top. Email me for gift certificates, tees and tanks. The new ones seen below are $30 each plus shipping, or come pick up in Houston or Austin!

Here is a video with more info and visuals :)

Cheers and happy holidays!


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