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Stretches for watching TV & sipping wine

As we are all sheltering in place, get off the couch and onto a yoga mat or blanket and move your body while you binge Tiger King and drink some vino. Check out some of my favorites below:

This first pose is a chest opener - I am on two (foam) yoga blocks with a blanket over the block under my head to make it more comfy. You can achieve this chest opener with throw pillows as well! A few pillows or one block under your thoracic spine and a taller stack of pillows or a block on a taller height under your head.

Low lunge is pretty easy to hold while you watch a show, for a challenge lift the back knee! Use a blanket or pillow under the back knee if it’s down for extra comfort.

Half pigeon, but stay upright as to not crank your neck.

Seated straddle: put a pillow or blanket under your sits bones to help your spine stay straight. You can stretch over each leg, but be careful with your neck if you’re looking up at the TV.

Seated twist - just make sure you set it up so you twist towards the TV and do not crank your neck!

Thread the needle behind your back - if you cannot touch your finger tips, grab your shirt - or try reverse prayer.🙏🏼

Neck stretches to each side - gently use the weight of your hand to bring your head towards your shoulder.

Lotus pose (pictured) or badakhanasana/butterfly pose (heels of feet together, knees apart - can put pillows under each knee!) for another hip stretch.🧘🏼‍♀️


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